The Budget


Budgeting made easy.

Your all-in-one monthly finance budget tracks your income, fixed expenses, debt/savings and variable expenses. Whether you are paying off debt, saving for a big purchase or just want to break the pay check to pay check cycle these inserts can help you. Reflect at the end of the month to see where your money went and how you can improve to reach financial independence.

Income - From your 9-5 job, side hustle(s), affiliate

Fixed Expenses - Rent, car payment, insurance, utilities, internet

Debt Payments - Student loans

Savings - Splurge purchase, vacation

Variable Expenses - Dining out, shopping

Detailed Features

  • January to December
  • Income
  • Fixed Expenses
  • Debt/Savings
  • Variable Expenses
  • End of month review
  • Pre-punched*

*Note: if you require your inserts to be unpunched, please leave a note before checkout.

Product Quality

  • 32lb Premium high brightness paper
  • Acid free & FSC certified
  • Made in Canada

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