Pisces Zodiac Dashboard


The Zodiac collection dashboard is perfect for personalizing your planner. Pisces is a sign that is represented by the symbol of a fish. Those who have the zodiac sign Pisces tend to be filled with depth and mystery.

  • Dates: February 19 – March 20
  • Symbol: The Fish
  • Polarity: Receptive
  • Element: Water
  • Quality: Mutable
  • Ruling Planet: Neptune 
  • Tarot Card: The Moon

                    Those born under the zodiac sign Pisces are daydreamers - their mind tends towards the fantastical and mystical. They are introspective by nature, and this can lead others to find them either intriguing and mysterious - or other times boring or too quiet. If you look beneath their surface, most will have a brilliant inner life that they rarely share with other people around them. They care deeply for others, and Pisces can rarely stand to see their loved ones unhappy.

                    Product Quality

                    • Printed on 80lb cardstock paper
                    • Hole punched to your planner size
                    • Made in Canada

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