Daily Planner Notepad

$8 $12

Manifest your dreams into reality.

Start your day with intention and manifest everything that you want for your life. The Daily Planner Notepad allows you to lay out your day in one page. Create your schedule, priorities and to-do lists. Mental and physical health is at the root of a happy life. Take the time to think and write down how you are feeling. Create space and do something for yourself. Reflect on your day with your wins and goals for tomorrow. 

The Daily Planner Notepad includes:

  • 50 undated tear-off sheets
  • Today's intention
  • Schedule
  • Top 3 Priorities
  • How I'm feeling today
  • Health & Selfcare
  • To Do List Notes
  • Water and Coffee/Tea Intake
  • Wins of the Day
  • Goals for Tomorrow

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