How to: Create a Half Letter Discbound Planner System

Are you looking to set up a new planner but don't know where to start? The Half Letter discbound system is easily customizable for anyone's planning needs.
Step 1  First, you will need a set of discbound covers.
Step 2 Then you will need 8 discs. We recommend either plastic or aluminum discs.
Step 3 Now comes the fun part: choose any planner insert style that suits you and your planning needs. Important: make sure you're selecting Half Letter sizes.
Step 4 Finally, snap in the discs to the discbound covers. Once you have your foundation set up, snap in the planner inserts in any order you want. You can add, remove or re-order the inserts within your planner at any time. Note: only snap in 3-4 pages at once.
Step 5 Optional: Take it one step further and add an agenda cover. 


We made it easy for you to get everything you need to create an agenda with our newly released curated starter kits. Ready to get started? Create your Half Letter Discbound Planner today.